Sawyers Close Press Release

Planning for the future: the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead’s Cabinet approves the transfer of land at Sawyers Close to Abri

On 29 April 2021, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead’s (RBWM) Cabinet approved the transfer of land adjacent to Sawyers Close, Windsor to affordable housing provider Abri.

This will enable Abri to keep all its options open for the long-term future of the estate, including wholesale regeneration. If that option were pursued, the land transfer would mean new affordable homes could be built for the residents of Sawyers Close and for others in housing need across the Royal Borough.

Working together with Abri, RBWM would be able to nominate people in need of an affordable home to live in the new homes, should they be built.

Abri is working closely with its customers at Sawyers Close and its partners in Windsor to explore different options for the future of the estate.

We recognise that our decisions have the potential to change many peoples’ lives. It is important to stress that no plans for the land have been confirmed yet, a final decision on Abri’s plans for Sawyers Close will not be made without further consultation with Abri’s customers and the local community.

If regeneration is to be considered as an option, approval would be required from Abri’s Board before any plans are brought forward. This is because of the substantial investment that would be required to deliver a scheme that everyone living in the Royal Borough would be proud of. The scale and commitment required means that options won’t be presented to Board any sooner than September for them to make a decision on the principle of regeneration.

Abri’s Interim Executive Director of Assets and Sustainability, Rose Bean, said:

“We are delighted that the Cabinet have agreed to transfer their land to us, as it provides us with more options at Sawyers Close. We haven’t made any decision on the future of Sawyers Close, and both regeneration and refurbishment are options.

“Acquiring this land gives us more flexibility and a wider range of options, which could include building more affordable homes. We will ensure that any decision we do make will be informed by our customers and supported by our partners.

“Our aim here is to provide our customers at Sawyers Close with improved housing where they can thrive and increase the number of affordable homes in the borough. That is the heart of this project.”

Abri has committed to build at least 10,000 new homes by 2030 to help solve the housing crisis and give as many people as possible safe, warm and sustainable homes.

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